1. Group Leader Guide

Group Leader Guide

  1. Contact us to let us know of your intention for a group action. We want to help wherever possible.
  2. Once you have a strategy in place, there are two options:
    1. Option 1: schedule ONE meeting, for signing – but make sure everyone coming has already seen Episode 1 (on https://inpowermovement.com). This may be ideal for people that are already aware of the “smart” meter problem.
    2. Option 2: schedule TWO meetings – an initial Video Screening & Signup Meeting, followed by a Group Signing. Invite people to the initial meeting. And if you’re in the USA, be sure to schedule a Notary to come to the Group Signing (i.e. the 2nd meeting).Tip: As you do outreach, take an informal poll of supporters to determine a day/evening that would suit the most. Sunday evenings worked very well for one of our seed groups.Tip: See if you can negotiate an hourly rate with your Notary, instead of them charging per signature.
  3. Read through the GUIDE for Round 1: Notice of Liability, on our website.
  4. If you are doing the 2-meeting option:
    1. At your initial Group Action meeting screen InPower Episode 1Tip: Have someone at the computer, for each participant’s selection of their 4 Respondents – i.e. the people you are holding liable. We recommend “don’t cast the net too wide”, unless group is very large. For example, for a group size of up to 30 Claimants, try to keep the total number of Group Respondents to 12 or less. Do some research beforehand to determine who are the most strategic targets for your group to hold liable. (E.G.: The utility CEO should be everyone’s 1st Respondent. Then spread out between state utility commissioner(s), governor, congressperson(s), senator(s), mayor, Councillors, etc. Learn more about selecting your Respondents.)
    2. Be sure to collect the names, email addresses and phone numbers of everyone who’s participating, so that you can build up your group’s email list. And if you want, collect additional funds at this time, to be set aside for paying for your group’s mailing, and the distribution of DVDs and or other materials for outreach.
  5. Let everyone know the proposed date of the Group Signing. Find out who can & can’t make it. If you need to, consider changing the date of the Signing, to a date that the highest number of people can make.
  6. IDEA FOR GROWING YOUR GROUP: You can even send everyone home with postcards and/or DVDs, which have: a) links to InPower Episode 1 &2, b) your contact info on them and c) a simple way for others to join your movement. Have a contest to see who can bring on the most new people prior to the signing!
  7. PRINTING OPTION: To help things go as smoothly as possible, assign someone who has a good printer (or can go to Kinko’s) as the group’s Printing Coordinator. After the initial meeting and well in advance of the Group Signing, have everyone email their customized documents to your Printing Coordinator, who will print (1 copy) and collate them all in advance of the Signing meeting.Tip: Organized printing is a bigger job than you’d expect! Unless your Printing Coordinator wants to cover the cost, be sure to have their toner or expenses covered through group donations. Collate with a paper clip – not with a staple.
  8. Prior to the Group Signing meeting, print out 1 copy of the Round 1 NOL (Notice of Liability) template for each expected participant. Document templates are here.  Then replace the Exhibit placeholder with a copy of the actual Exhibit customized for your utility (see the GUIDE). And, following the GUIDE and Episode 2, fill out the documents – but do not sign yet – so you are comfortable with what goes on each blank line.
  9. At the Group Signing meeting, hand everyone their printed documents – unless you asked them to print and bring their own.
  10. Then, screen InPower: Episode 2, followed by the document signing, witnessing & notarizing. Ask the Notary to come 1hour  after the video starts, since it is 52 minutes long.Tip: It will help to streamline things if you have two volunteers to be the “main witnesses” for the group. They will also be listed as the two “senders”, on the Bills of Lading. These should be trustworthy people who are very committed to the process. (It could be yourself and one other.)
  11. Assign a volunteer to be the Photocopying Coordinator, then call it a night!
  12. The Photocopying Coordinator who will make 5 copies of everything (not the Bills of Lading, though). 4 copies to be mailed, and 1 copy for you to keep at a central location. (At the next meeting, you’ll give everyone their originals.) Have the copies organized in either very thick envelopes or boxes – one for each Respondent.
  13. Compile two lists:
    1. a) a list of Claimant names and documents, and
    2. b) a list of Respondent names.Now you are ready to customize your Bills of Lading.
  14. Follow the GUIDE for the remainder of the process, i.e. mailing, with the Bills of Lading and with 2 witnesses.