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What are the steps and cost involved?

There are 3 initial rounds which establish your contractual terms:

  1. These are Notice of Liability;
  2. Notice of Fault, and;
  3. Notice of Default rounds.

The subsequent Billing (x3) and Notice to Debtor (x3) rounds then pave the way for enforcement.

More detail:

  • The Notice of Liability (Round 1) is the “big gun”. It is 12 pages + Exhibit (1 pg) + Affidavit (3 pgs).
  • The Notice of Fault (Round 2) and Notice of Default (Round 3) are typically 4 pages.
  • The Billing rounds are 1 page each, with customized bills for each of your Respondents.
  • The Notice to Debtor rounds are 2 pages each.
  • Enforcement will be discussed at a later date. There are several options open to us as a movement, and to each individual Claimant.
Note: While at no part of the process do we (as Claimants) expect to be “paid”, the defaulted contract — and the attached liability — does become an instrument for leveraging purposes, for use within the system of commerce. Information about this will be forthcoming, as the movement progresses onward.
More support — and simplification — is coming…

Currently, as we build the organization and resources, the Liability Action Documents and Guides are freely available, for self-serve, intended for individual and group processes.

What’s the Mailing Cost?

In addition to the costs outlined above, you are responsible for the mailing fees (via Certified Mail in USA, or Registered Mail in Canada).

USPS mailing cost example, per round:
$1.39 postage (first class, up to 4oz) + $3.30 cert. mail + $1.35 for electronic delivery signature = $6.04 x 4 recipients = $24.24 USD

Canada Post mailing cost example, per round:
$1.80 postage (up to 100grams) + $9.54 reg. mail* = $11.34 x 4 recipients = $45.36 CAD
* – For a more economical option suitable for shipments within the same province, you can send via Express Post with the signature option added.

Updated on November 3, 2018

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