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What do I do after a round of mailing is complete?

Watch the last 10 minutes of InPower: Episode 2 for a step-by-step walk through of the signing & mailing process.

When you get home, after your mailing process:

  1. If you haven’t yet done so, create a file folder for your Liability Action, and store your original documents (including Notice(s), Affidavit(s), and Bills of Lading – all originals). Have all these originals in a safe place – such as a filing cabinet. The contents of this folder will be your evidence for future.
  2. Gather your 4 (or more) mail label receipts– from the Certified/Registered Mail labels – which have the tracking numbers on them. Staple together & add to your folder.
  3. Also add your Post Office transaction receipt to your folder.
  4. Kick back and celebrate your participation in standing up for life & co-creating actual change from the top-down… and from the bottom-up!
  5. SET A REMINDER FOR 1 WEEK: Look up & print each of your tracking numbers (USA: www.usps.com; Canada: www.canadapost.ca).
    • Select “Track and Manage” from the menu, then enter all tracking numbers separated by comma.
    • For each package that says “Delivered”, click the link on the right to show More Details, then click “Return Receipt Electronic”. Enter your name and email for each one and USPS will email you PDFs of the signatures. Print each of these pages out and add them to your Liability Action folder.
    • For each that is still undelivered, set a reminder to check back in a couple of days.

What if a mailing is refused?
Though it was rare, there were a couple of occasions in the seed group processes where Respondents attempted to refuse certified mailings – another indication of the fear of liability. If this happens, you can either deliver in person with a Witness, and both sign an Affidavit verifying delivery; or you can use what’s known as a ‘Process Server’ to deliver in person. Contact us if you need specific help.

  1. SET A REMINDER FOR 2 WEEKS (if you just did Round 1 or 2), or 30 days (if you just did Rounds 3 onward): Do the next Round in your process. If you just did Round 1 or 2, we recommend doing the next round on the 15th day (or anytime thereafter) from date on which you’ve just mailed. If you just did Round 3 onward, we recommend doing the next round on the 31st day (or anytime thereafter) from which you’ve just mailed.


Updated on November 4, 2018

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