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What information is needed to complete my documents?

Watch InPower: Episode 2 for a detailed walk through of the Round 1 (Notice of Liability) document.
 In short, below is the information you’ll need to customize your document:
  • Your name & address
  • The name, title, gender, organization, and mailing address of your 4 Respondents— i.e. the individuals which you will be holding liable.
  • The daily liability amount for your “fee schedule”, in USD. For example: $7,000 per day. The amount is completely up to you.
  • EITHER:the webpage address (URL) of your utility’s smart/AMI metering program, OR a scanned letter from your utility stating their intentions to install or ‘upgrade’ your meter. Either of these will serve as an Exhibit added to your document, which indicates a “contract offer” to install a device that causes you harm.

For document signing:

  • Two witnesses who will witness and sign the original documents in your process. They can be any man or woman of age, and can include your spouse, other family members, friends or neighbors. It is convenient to keep the same witnesses throughout your process, but not necessary. Required information is: Name, Street Address, City, and State/Province (no zip/postal code necessary).
  • OPTIONAL & RECOMMENDED FOR USA: A Notary Public, who will essentially function as a “3rd witness” (learn more). If you select this setting, your documents will be customized with a place for the Notary to sign & stamp. Use this website to find a Notary near you: http://www.notaryrotary.com/agent/find_a_notary.asp
Updated on November 3, 2018

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