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What is an Exhibit – and what do I include as my Exhibit?

Exhibits within the Liability Action are explained in the 2nd half of InPower: Episode 2.

An Exhibit is an addendum to a document, and is referred to in the document itself.

In the case of your Notice of Liability (Round 1) for “smart” meters, your Exhibit is the evidence of a “contract offer,” or intention, to install a smart/AMI/advanced meter on your home. So this is either the ‘smart’ meter webpage on your utility’s website, or a scanned letter from your utility stating their intentions to install or ‘upgrade’ your meter.

Printing this offer can end up being extremely time consuming, The math is: 500 people x 5 minutes = 41 hrs. That’s assuming it takes only 5 minutes per claimant, including opening each new claimant’s file…

For the Notice of Fault (Round 2) and the Notice of Default (Round 3), your Exhibit(s) are any letters of insufficient response which you or your Witnesses received following the mailing of the previous round. “How to include and rebut letters received, is explained in detail within the Round 2 Guide document.”


1) a document or object (including a photograph) introduced as evidence during a trial.  These are subject to objections by opposing attorneys just like any evidence.
2) a copy of a paper attached to a pleading(any legal paper filed in a lawsuit), declaration, affidavit,or other document, which is referred to and incorporated into the main document.

Updated on November 3, 2018

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