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Who can be my two witnesses, and what will they do?

Watch InPower Episode 2 for a step-by-step walk through of the process, including info about the roles of witnesses.
Choosing your witnesses:
  1. Witnesses can be a spouse, family, friends, or any living soul of age and sound mind.
  2. Witnesses should be people with whom you can easily meet, at any time, and support your intentions in the process.
  3. Your Notary Public (if you use one) cannot be one of your two witnesses.
What witnesses will do:
  1. Both witnesses will need to observe your document signing(s), then they will sign your document.
  2. Your two witnesses are designated recipients for correspondence from Respondents pertaining to this matter. Since they will receive mail on your behalf, witnesses must use an address where personal mail is received. And if you have the same witnesses for each round, their address should be the same for each step of the process (unless they move).
  3. For the Notice of Fault (Round 2)and Notice of Default (Round 3)steps, your witnesses from the previous round will need to sign a 1-page Affidavit of Non-Response to verify that no sufficient response was received — as has been the case for all Claimants to date.
Updated on November 3, 2018

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