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Who should I choose as my 4 Respondents?

The selection of your 4 Respondents is discussed near the beginning of InPower: Episode 2.

Your Respondents are the 4 people you are initially holding liable for causing or allowing harm. They can be anybody who is either actively pushing the agenda (e.g. your Utility CEO), or passively allowing it happen (e.g. your local, state, or federal reps). Specifically, we recommend your Utility CEO, a utility commissioner, and two government officials.

Tips for selecting your 4 Respondents:
  • For your 1st Respondent, we recommend your utility CEO. If they are listed, copy their name & company to a simple text file.
  • For your 2nd Respondent, we recommend a utility commissioner for your state or region. If they are listed, copy their name & organization onto the 2nd line of your text file. (USA users: now hit “Next” to bring up your elected officials.)
  • For your 3rd + 4th Respondents, we recommend elected officials(i.e. your governor, mayor, city councilor, congressperson, or senator). Choose two from the list, especially if they are not actively protecting your rights. Copy their name & organization onto the 3rd & 4th lines of your text file. Note: With state / provincial legislators being heavily lobbied by utilities, they make ideal candidates for Respondents.
Updated on November 4, 2018

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