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Why do I need to read through my document in detail?

Watch InPower: Episode 2 to walk through each page of your Notice of Liability (Round 1) document.

This process is about you remembering your identity and rights; and then addressing your being harmed, as a man or woman. As such, you are engaging in a process that is going to effect the world around you.

As a participant, it is imperative you philosophically agree with and understand your process, and intentionally make a decision that you stand behind every statement you make. Integrity and honor are what make this system work.

As Cal has indicated, no piece of paper will be the silver bullet. A much larger factor is the energy, intention and commitment that’s behind that paper. The deeper of an informed connection that you (as a soul) can make with the document(s), and if you understand your alignment with it, the more powerful your process will be.

It is for these reasons that we walk through every paragraph of your Notice of Liability (Round 1) document, in InPower: Episode 2.

Updated on November 3, 2018

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